Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Marica is a seafood oriented restaurant, and neither of us are particularly into seafood. So we called in our favorite fishatarian friends, Tim and Jody for help.

DISCLAIMER: When we showed up with our giant cameras, the waiter asked us what we were taking pictures for, so we told him about our blog. We maaaaay have gotten some special treatment. We'll try not to let it influence our opinions of Marica, but it probably will. Other College Avenue restaurants, take note!

Clockwise from upper-left: shoestring fries, fried calamari, mussels, and Caesar salad.

All the appetizers and salads were fantastic (not pictured: a mixed green salad). The Caesar salad had a reasonable level of anchoviness. The fries were beautiful, although they were cut so thin that it was difficult to get enough of them in your mouth so that you could taste them. The mussels were awesome, Briana and Steve even tried them. Briana was pleasantly surprised to find that they mostly tasted like the delicious lemon-garlic sauce. Everyone liked the calamari*, although Tim thought it was maybe a little overcooked.

*Side note: Briana thought that calamari was octopus until last night.

Steve's Entree: Yucatan Sausages

Steve was planning to branch out and order seafood, but the Yucatan sausages were calling to him, plus the waiter recommended them. They grow some good sausages in the Yucatan Peninsula. We don't remember what was in them, but if you go there and order them, you won't care.

Jody's Entree: Grilled Salmon

Jody said it was "warm and comforting." Not mind-blowing, but all the parts of the dish were satisfactory.

Tim's Entree: Seafood Soup

Tim's only complaint was that it needed a little salt. Easily fixed! Briana wanted to rip the souffle off of his plate, but it was covered in fishiness.

Briana had grilled chicken with peanut satay sauce and cucumber salad (not pictured). It was just OK. You would think that a ton of peanut sauce would be a good thing, but this was just too much. The sauce just wasn't quite tasty enough to warrant such flagrant sauciness.

Chocolate Souffle: YES! This one was a unanimous success. Get one. The only problem was that it overshadowed the other desserts, which were also wonderful.

Creme Brulee: Totally solid creme brulee. This one had blueberries on it.

Panna Cotta: Briana loved this one the most. Everyone else was too distracted by the chocolate souffle.

We give Marica 4 Sabuys (out of a possible 5 Sabuys).

The food was mostly excellent with just a few misses. The service was totally amazing. Speaking of which, our waiter, Austin, enlightened us as to what a Sabuy actually is. Apparently it means "happy", which works out well for us. Thanks, Austin!

Official fish-tasters, Tim and Jody (not drinking fish in this picture)

The bar.

Steve ponders the menu.

Good to know!

Next stop Khana Peena!


  1. Just got an email from Jody with her thoughts on the meal: "I liked the variety of the menu now that I think about it. It had kind of a seafood focus, but there was also plenty for you guys to order that wasn't seafood. And there were a lot of different cuisine influences - the mussels were a little French, your sausages were a little Yucatan, the calamari was Asian influenced. While my salmon with beurre blanc and spinach fennel puree didn't have any blow-your-mind flavors, it was really homey, well cooked, delicious and satisfying.
    The service was great and I liked the ambiance too - modern but cozy. I loved their bar set-up which I also thought had a cute French brasserie vibe.
    I will definitely return, especially now that we know about their awesome sounding never ending happy hour (I loved that sign they made too).
    I hope this gets to you in time to be useful! Thanks again for inviting us, we had a great time.

  2. That happy hour... Man. I am bout it bout it.

  3. This is a great concept and well executed! Props to you guys. I put a link on my blog, not that many people peep it but still look forward to seeing more.

  4. Marvelous! I liked Marica too, and they had no reason to go to extra lengths for me.

    FYI, maybe you already knew this, but I called in an order to Sabuy Sabuy tonight and learned that "Sabuy" rhymes with "FYI" or "Thai." I was surprised.

  5. I've only been here a handful of times, but every time I have gotten the kind of service that makes me feel like a long-lost friend, or a treasured "regular" who eats there every night. The food is very tasty, but the service is truly outstanding.