Saturday, November 7, 2009

College Point Cafe

We weren't expecting much from College Point Cafe. The exterior and sign made it seem like this would be a sterile, cookie-cutter style place. So we were pleasantly surprised to find that the cafe does actually have some charm and character once you get inside. Kind of like an NYC bodega.

It's sort of a weird combination of pre-packaged snacks, and greasy-spoon sandwiches. There are about six tables inside, and one on the sidewalk. There was one woman working there when we went; she seemed friendly and didn't mind our picture taking at all.

We both ordered egg and cheese sandwiches on English muffins with sausage, and medium coffees. The food was enjoyable for what it was, and the prices were reasonable, but don't expect anything too bougie. Here's the level of fanciness; the cheese was actual sliced cheddar, not Kraft Singles. Steve appreciated that they have Cholula hot sauce instead of Tobasco. Coffee was pretty standard weak diner coffee.

All things considered, we give College Point Cafe 3 Sabuys (out of a possible 5 Sabuys) for exceeding our expectations.

Here are the pictures:

Cooking with chopsticks and hotplate.

Good to know

Egg and cheese with sausage and coffee

Steve pines for Peet's



  1. I adore that picture of the woman cooking. The colors are lovely!

  2. I love "good to know" and the little Sabuy pictures. So fun!!!