Sunday, December 12, 2010


We're not sure what to call Bittersweet. It's like a café, but for cocoa instead of coffee. Let's call it a chocolé. It's a really cozy place to go on a rainy winter day (as we did) but you may have to wait a while for a seat (as we did). You can also order stuff to-go, like this guy above.

Of course we had to order hot chocolates, since that's kind of their specialty at Bittersweet. We shared one spicy hot cocoa and one peanut butter hot cocoa. The spicy one was our favorite, and it was actually surprisingly spicy (which we like). If you like spicy food you'll probably dig it, but if you're a spice-wuss, watch out!

The peanut butter cocoa was delicious, but we both thought it was a little too thick. Imagine drinking a steaming hot mug full of Skippy. It's like that. We loved the flavor, but when we think of hot cocoa, we tend to think of it as a liquid, not a solid.

We went to Bittersweet around breakfast time so we could try some of the food, as well as the cocoa. Steve got a croissant with ricotta and jam, and Bri had a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. The turkey sandwich was a good call. The cocoa is so sweet that you kind of need something savory to go with it. The croissant with cheese and jam was too much sweet on sweet action, but it was a good croissant. They have a lot of other beautiful pastries and baked goods that we didn't get to try.

We did get to try these yummy bites of chocolate bread-pudding, because they brought a tray of them around to all the tables. We love it when places give you free stuff that you didn't ask for. EVERY PLACE SHOULD DO THIS!

We wanted to sit at this table with the nice window light so we could take better pictures of our food, but some other jerk got there first. Here's a photo of their stupid hot-cocoa. Choke on it, table stealer!

In addition to serving hot cocoa and pastries, Bittersweet also sells a crazy variety of pre-packaged chocolate items from around the world. Here is but a small slice of their wall of chocolate goodies.

We were on the fence whether to give this place 3.5 or 4 Sabuys, but free bread-pudding put them over the top. We'd love to see Bittersweet offer a little more in the way of savory foods to balance out the sweetness of the cocoa, but other than that they deliver everything you'd hope for in a chocolé.

We give Bittersweet 4 Sabuys.

Next stop: A Coté!