Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christopher's Burgers

We decided we needed some fellow burger enthusiasts to help us review Christopher's Burgers. We asked our friends Jimmy and famed eater and cartoonist Thien to join us.

If you like burgers with less fat: this is the place for you! Unfortunately, this is not the place for us. Christopher's markets itself as a "healthy" burger joint. But... it's burgers! The patties were simply lacking much flavor. Bri got a guacamole burger and she could not even tell there was guacamole on it, she had to double check.

But the bacon on the bacon cheese burger was crispy and salty, everything you want in a bacon. To quote Jimmy, "The bacon!" The fries were crazy delicious, they were the only thing that really stood out. Perfectly fried on the outside, cream on the inside.

The problem with "healthy" burgers is you don't get the flavor while you eat them but you still feel gross and full when you are done. To be fair, when we scanned the menu we noticed that Christopher's Burgers has a bunch of odd and interesting looking items (Yucatan chicken and pork sausage burger?) that we didn't try. We might not have given them a fair shot by ordering three bacon cheese burgers and one guacamole burger... But that is what we were in the mood for.

We hate to keep handing out mediocre reviews but we're going to have to give Christopher's Burgers 2.5 Sabuys (out of a possible 5 Sabuys).

We're looking forward to getting further down College ave., and to some of the better (and possibly worse) restaurants.

Bacon Cheeseburger (note the delicious looking bacon).
How healthy can it be with all that cheese and bacon? C'mon.

Ketchuping the burger.

Mayonaising the burger.

Perfect french fries.

"What's that, Mr. Hamburger? You want me to start fires?"


Good to know.

Next stop: Currylicious!

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  1. I recommend goat cheese next time. Makes a big difference!