Thursday, January 22, 2015

Smitten Ice Cream

Smitten is an ice cream shop that makes your ice cream while you wait using liquid nitrogen. It's kind of like the Blue Bottle Coffee of ice cream, but with more liquid nitrogen (probably).

We're not sure what the benefit of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen is, although Smitten's website will tell you all about it if you're curious. We couldn't tell any difference between Smitten's extra-cold ice cream and regular ice cream, but they did have some great flavors and it was delicious (all ice cream is delicious). 

Just your typical neighborhood ice cream parlor, with its 50,000 gallon nitrogen tank. 

Seems like a lot of work for something you could just scoop out of a freezer. 

Who knew making ice cream was so complicated?

 Brrrrrr! So cold!

 The finished product! We tried brown sugar with cinnamon cookies (left) and lemon with ginger snaps (right). Both were great, but the brown sugar was the winner. 

Also this.

We give Smitten Ice Cream 3 Sabuys

Next Stop: Jules Thin Crust

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cactus Taqueria

Cactus Taqueria has a reputation as a kid-friendly restaurant, so we decided to bring our little munchkin with us for this review. We weren't that hungry so we didn't order many things, but honestly Cactus has been there for like 1,000 years so you've probably eaten there already anyway. 

The food is pretty bland, which is great for kids, but not so great for sophisticated, refined culinary geniuses like ourselves. 

Here we see Jane sampling a traditional Mexican dish called a "quesadilla". She appreciates the authenticity. Jane's review: "THE PLATE IS BLUE LIKE LEOMARDO!"

Briana and Steve shared a couple of crispy tacos. Our plate was also blue.

 Jane's review: "Can we get ice cream now?"

We give Cactus two Sabuys.

Jane gives it one jellyfish and two bumblebees.

Next stop: Bica Coffeehouse (turns out Bica does not prepare food on site) Smitten Ice Cream!

Bourbon and Beef

"Bourbon and Beef" sounds like the name of the worst cocktail ever invented, but we would almost rather drink one than eat at this place again. We did not like this restaurant. 

Where to begin...  

This rib-eye steak was OK (not great), but it was pretty small and it cost us $27 and came with NO SIDES! More like rib-off, am I right?

The fried chicken would have been fine, but it was covered in a way-too-sweet honey sauce (it may have just been honey, or honey with sugar added). The cornbread was a dry hockey puck of flavorless crumbs, and their "coleslaw" was just shredded cabbage and water. Maybe they got the recipe from the Burrito Shop?

 We've been loving brussel sprouts lately, especially after we had those great ones at A16 recently, but these were terrible. Soggy sprouts, gross sauce, and spongy bacon. How do you mess up bacon?! It didn't taste any better than it looks.

Big ol' TV over the bar showing football. The big red chairs at the tables looked like something from the kids section at IKEA. The whole place gives off a real chain-restaurant type of vibe although fortunately there's only one.

So yeah, we've got major beef with Bourbon and Beef. How could a restaurant named for two things we love so much be such a letdown? Oh well it will probably be closed soon, I mean how could they stay in business after a review like this?

We give Bourbon and Barf Beef 1 stupid Sabuy.

Next stop: Cactus Taqueria!

Homespun Cafe

We were about to eat at Homespun Cafe (formerly I-Squared), but it turns out that it's still the same food as I-Squared, they just changed the name.

We give the new name 4 Sabuys. Way better than I-Squared.