Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cactus Taqueria

Cactus Taqueria has a reputation as a kid-friendly restaurant, so we decided to bring our little munchkin with us for this review. We weren't that hungry so we didn't order many things, but honestly Cactus has been there for like 1,000 years so you've probably eaten there already anyway. 

The food is pretty bland, which is great for kids, but not so great for sophisticated, refined culinary geniuses like ourselves. 

Here we see Jane sampling a traditional Mexican dish called a "quesadilla". She appreciates the authenticity. Jane's review: "THE PLATE IS BLUE LIKE LEOMARDO!"

Briana and Steve shared a couple of crispy tacos. Our plate was also blue.

 Jane's review: "Can we get ice cream now?"

We give Cactus two Sabuys.

Jane gives it one jellyfish and two bumblebees.

Next stop: Bica Coffeehouse (turns out Bica does not prepare food on site) Smitten Ice Cream!

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