Friday, March 4, 2011


This is a very special review for us. This is the first time we've had to double back (see rule #5) because a new restaurant has opened up on College Ave. at a place we've already eaten. Hudson recently opened up in the building where Garibaldi's and Marzano used to be. Same owner, new name, new menu. 

We liked Marzano and Garibaldi's, but we're not at all disappointed that they're gone, because out of the ashes of those two fine dining establishments two phoenixes (phoeni?) arose and combined like Voltron into a bionic new restaurant called Hudson. They've rebuilt the restaurant and made it faster, stronger, and more deliciouser. 

Pizza with fontal, wild mushrooms, and caramelized onions. In case you were wondering, fontal is fontina. Same cheese, different name. Everything about this pizza was perfect. The mushrooms were amazingly tender and aromatic. The onions were juicy and succulent. Briana is concerned that Steve may leave her for one night with this pizza. We hope we're not over selling this pizza, it was pretty good, you know, whatever. 
Fried artichokes and lemons with meyer lemon aioli. This was also ridiculously good. Imagine fried calamari, but with artichokes and lemons instead of squids. We've always said, "the artichoke is the squid of the field." And it's true.
Grilled pork loin chop stuffed with wild mushrooms, sage and fontina. Served with parsnip puree, kale, and cipolline onion rings. As delicious as this looks and sounds, it was even more delicious than that. The pizza was concerned that Steve would leave it for this pork chop.
 This is a cappuccino. 
We don't remember what all these are (we forgot to steal the dessert menu). We're going to try and guess. Ok, that looks like some orange slices at the bottom there. Next to that was some kind of fried milk thing. Then there's a little cup of brown stuff. Um, we think the middle things are fried banana and peanut butter cake/sandwich type deals. We dipped those in the brown stuff, and it was great. Finally there were some little fried dough balls. All of it was good, but we think we liked the peanut butter banana thing the best.

We've already been to quite a few fantastic restaurants on College Avenue (and some real bummers) but Hudson was the best yet. Everything we ordered was better than we expected it would be. Hudson gets our highest rating yet, a flawless FIVE SABUYS!

Next stop: We double back again for Enoteca Molinari


  1. Sounds delightful! I guess I will just have to go there myself to find out the details of those desserts... boo hoo.

  2. I just went to happy hour there for the second time in a week! Six dollar cocktails (limited menu) and some great food for much less than the regular menu. Awesome burger for $10. Fried cheese sandwich was good, but maybe not worth the heart blockage. 5-6 pm.

  3. The review on the dishes is really great i love it...and the picture of the dishes you have posted in here looked really tasty.

  4. Kinda overselling the pizza. Crust was not crisp, and mushrooms were so so. They did not offer the caramelized onion pizza on this visit.
    I would try the happy hour.