Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pearl of Siam

Pearl of Siam has to be one of the oldest restaurants on College Avenue. Steve's parents took him here back when he was a little kid, back when the Crepevine was the Edible Complex. Briana had never been there and was not really expecting much.

Steve hadn't been to Pearl of Siam since he looked like this.
We started with an appetizer of chicken satay and debated ordering the cucumber salad until we saw that it CAME WITH cucumber salad. Classy move, Pearl of Siam. Chicken satay is pretty hard to mess up, this one was good but not outstanding. 
Pearl of Siam lets you choose how spicy you want your entrees. Most places, we have found, have a pretty wussy idea of what "spicy" means but Pearl of Siam is no joke. Seriously guys, watch out. We always order everything spicy at every restaurant that gives us the option. This was the only time it was almost too hot to eat. The waitress was super nice and tried to warn us that we might not want to order it too spicy. She then made sure to check on us every five minutes to make sure we were okay, and refilling our water glasses. Finally, we had to suck it up and admit the food might be too spicy for us. Aside from being way too spicy (our fault) the food was good basic thai cuisine, but pretty similar to a lot of other thai restaurants. 

Chicken Satay (not spicy) 

Red Curry Prawn (So spicy we went on a spirit journey with a talking coyote) 

Chili Paste Chicken (Order this if you are congested)

We ended up having a nice time and would go back for sure. Unless you are a true spice jedi, you might want to stick with medium spicy. We give Pearl of Siam 3.5 Sabuys.

Next stop is our first ever DOUBLE BACK! A new restaurant called Hudson opened up where Marzano and Garibaldis used to be. Woo!


  1. Fun review! Food note FYI: Water does not cool your palate, in fact, it inflames the capsicum/chilis. Why do people drink lassi? Because dairy cools the palate. Dairy... not soy. Try a plain or salted lassi or any milk-based drink with your hot dinners and it will balance the chilis.

  2. Thai iced tea is perfect for this because of the condensed milk in it.

    But I hear that beer is also good for cooling the mouth when eating spicy food.

  3. Mythbusters proved that beer is not a legit remedy for spice-tongue.