Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Burrito Shop

The East Bay Express wanted to interview us for the Insider's Guide to the Bay Area and we thought, how better to inform the interviewer about our blog than to take him on a review with us. Fortunately for his pocketbook, but unfortunately for his palette, we took him to the Burrito Shop. As natives of the East Bay it was a wonder that neither of us had ever been here. But now it makes sense. It was just what we figured. It is not a hidden treasure of Mexican flavors. Nope. The food is about what you would expect from the creative minds that named their burrito shop "The Burrito Shop."

Steve and Luke (our interviewer) got burritos. Steve got pollo asado, and Luke got carnitas. You can't tell which burrito this is from this photo, just like we couldn't tell which burrito was which by eating them. The burritos were bland is what we're saying.

Briana had this tostada.
nicely grilled dark meat (chicken)

the shell was just a giant stale corn chip
not spicy... at all

The Burrito Shop has a salsa bar with three types of salsa: mild, milder, and water. Luke pointed out the one labeled "mild" was actually the one closest to having some sort of flavor. What we're trying to tell you is that the salsa is also bland.

The Burrito Shop gets our lowest rating yet: 1 Sabuy:

Luke Tsai, however, gets 5 Sabuys. Thanks for the interview, and for joining us for our worst review yet!

Good to know. Maybe people wouldn't take so much salsa if they could taste it.

The Burrito Shop staff were really nice. Sorry we gave you such a bad review!

Next stop: Restaurant Chu!


  1. 5 Sabuys? That's the most I've ever gotten! Thanks for letting me tag along.

  2. At least all the words on the salsa sign are spelled correctly.

  3. so true! i think taco bell is more authentic.

  4. Poor Burrito Shop. They were one of the first to do good big burritos in the East Bay. They used to be fantastic. But now they're irrelevant, and everyone seems to hate them. :(

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