Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our friend Dawn was in town from Boston, so we seized this opportunity to make her eat with us. While on our review of Garibaldi's we noticed we had skipped Rikyu, which technically should have come before Marzano in our tour. (And no, we are not going to eat at Marzano and Garibladi's again before continuing on.)

Rikyu has a nice intimate feel with a really friendly wait staff, but we gotta admit it is pretty pricey.

We started with some edamame. It was totally edable.

The gyoza were actually a little unusual. The dough was very thin and light with yummy crispy stuff on the bottom. The pork seemed to have more interesting seasoning that most gyoza stuffing and had a great smokey flavor to it.

Our other dishes included (clockwise from top left):
-Spicy Salmon Roll. Good but not particularly spicy or exciting. It was, however, rolled.

-Spider Roll. YUM. But the giantness made it hard to cram in your mouth all in one bite*. People with small mouths: watch out.

-Tori Karaage. (fried chicken with lemon wedge). Totally awesome.

-Rikyu Roll. The house specialty. Includes "Battered roll, spicy tuna, shiso, avocado, and fish". Despite containing both spicy tuna and "fish", it did not taste very much like fish at all. It mostly just tasted like deep fried batter, mayonnaise, and hot sauce.

*that's what she said.

Rikyu gets 2.5 Sabuys. It just wasn't amazing enough to warrant it being so expensive. If Rikyu were a little less costly, we would probably eat there again, but as it is we probably won't.

Here are some more pictures!
Rikyu Buddies.


Good night, Rikyu.

Next stop: The Burrito Shop!


  1. Is the edamame "totally edible" in the sense that you can eat the totality of it, skin and bean? I would like that. Or is it like normal edamame?

    I thought Sabuy stood for "Steve And Briana" something something. I couldn't figure out what the "u" and "y" stodd for. Then it turned out I was wrong.

  2. Just spent a little time looking at all of these reviews... Really well done y'all. Love the photos. The writing is perfectly simple and charming. Keep it up, and call me when you get to Gordos!!!! ;)