Monday, March 2, 2015

Zachary's Chicago Pizza

We have probably eaten Zachary's 1,000 times. It's been around forever and it always delicious. However, it is always jam-packed. The wait for a table is an eternity and then you have to wait for 20-40 minutes for your pizza depending on whether you go thin or thick crust. 

We pretty much always just get it as take-out. We also pretty much always get the deep dish. When we went to eat at Zachary's for this review we went at lunch time on a weekday so we were seated right away (bonus!) but we still didn't want to sit there for 40 minutes while they hand-crafted us a deep dish pizza. SO, we opted for thin crust slices (only a 5 minute wait, extra bonus). Not the most exciting options to choose from, but they did the trick.

Veggie slice. The sauce is so addictive, its a little bit sad you don't get as much when you don't get a deep dish pizza.

The sausage is hidden under the cheese! Shh. Its sleeping.

Totally okay Greek salad.

Thien Pham's comic about Zachary's featuring Briana.

Look at all these empty seats!

To be honest this lunch we had on this day was just okay, but we know from years of experience that we love Zachary's. We even looked at their menu this time (we are so used to ordering our favorite things that we haven't looked at their menu for probably 10 years) and we noticed pizza combos we had never tried and are excited about the next time we get take-out... which will probably be not too far in the future. 

We give Zachary's 4.5 sabuys. We wish we could eat in the restaurant without the long wait, but we also just cant quit you, Zachary's Chicago Pizza.

Next stop: The Ramen Shop!

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