Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Becky's Chinese

We had never been to Becky's Chinese, but we've always been intrigued by their decor. While the interior design may be somewhat modern and unique, the menu is classic "Americanized Chinese" cuisine, and sometimes the classics are all you really want:

We did this one by the book; we ordered all our favorite, predictable dishes:

 Spring rolls! Tasted like... spring rolls. Note to the vegetarians: these had meat in them (but we don't think it said so on the menu), so be sure to ask for the vegetarian spring rolls if you don't want meat.

Steve thought they were average, Briana thought they were sub par. Served with sweet and sour sauce (also just OK).
 Mushu Pork! No surprises here, except that they roll them up for you at the table, Benihana style. But they only roll your first one, and then you're on your own. These were also unremarkable, and as usual: not enough plum sauce. THEY NEVER GIVE YOU ENOUGH PLUM SAUCE!
 General Chao's (Tso's/Cho's/Zhao's) Chicken! This was actually pretty great. Spicy, with crispy breading, and less sweet than at a lot of places. Quite salty though, so be ready for that.
 Good to know.
Also good to know: Becky's does not supply each table with it's own soy sauce, rice vinegar, and chili oil. In our opinion, this should be illegal. We've talked before about the holy trinity of Chinese condiments. HOWEVER, if you ask for them at Becky's, they not only bring the holy trinity, but also spicy mustard sauce, which is a nice bonus. And that's... good to know.

We give Becky's Chinese 2.5 Sabuys. What can we say? It's a Chinese restaurant that's a lot like a lot of other Chinese restaurants. The food was fine, but we probably won't be coming back.

Next stop: Market Hall Eatstravaganza!

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