Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pasta Pomodoro

As a rule, we try to avoid large chain-restaurants, but we're eating at every restaurant on college avenue, and that means eating at places we don't really want to go to. So, with out further ado, onto our review of Pasta Pomodoro, or as we like to call it, "The Yuppie Olive Garden".

The first thing we noticed after being seated at Pomodoro is that they print the calorie content of every dish on the menu. This was a real bummer for us. If we knew the food was going to be delicious we wouldn't care how many calories were in it, but since we had low expectations anyway, we ended up ordering the healthiest items and skipping dessert. We figured, why waste 1500 calories on a dish that will probably taste like it came from a mall food court anyway? Bad move, Pasta Pomodoro. We would've eaten way more food if we hadn't known how bad for us it was.

The one thing they don't tell you nutrition info for is this complementary bread and olive oil dip thing. This was probably the best thing we had at Pasta Pomodoro. The bread was warm focaccia, and the stuff in the bowl is some kind of lemon, olive oil, and pesto concoction; we have to admit that it was totally great. The lemon added a nice tangy flavor that may not have been authentic, but was definitely yummy.

Best part of all: zero calories (we assume).

Verdure with grilled chicken: 462 calories. This was not very flavorful, but we were impressed that the veggies tasted fresh and not overcooked. Pretty boring, but at least it was healthy and filling.
Pollo Griglia: 698 calories. What you see is what you get. It's grilled chicken and a side salad.

Fun fact: the side salad at PP is exactly the same as the side salad at Filippos.

Good to know: We went on a Wednesday, which is "Wine Wednesday" at Pasta Pomodoro. All bottles of wine are half-price. So you can get a bottle of wine that would cost eight dollars at the grocery store for only eighteen dollars! Bottoms up!

Needless to say, we went home and ate ice-cream without looking at the nutrition label.

We give Pasta Pomodoro 2 Sabuys. If they hadn't scared us off with their scary menu, we might have tried some of their pastas or pizzas, which are probably more fun than what we ordered. But at least it was better than the Burrito Shop.

Next stop: The Edible Complex Crêpevine


  1. I hear that if you ask the waiter/waitress what beer to get they have to say Sam Adams. And if you then order a Sam Adams they get some sort of kick back.

  2. I think chain restaurants are required to post their calorie counts: