Monday, November 15, 2010

Soi 4 (The lost review)

We are slackers.

So, three weeks turned into three months. We ate at Soi four (pronounced "soy four") back in May (before we went on hiatus) and took pictures but never put the post up. Then we got married, went on a honeymoon, did a bunch of other stuff. Now we're going to try and remember what we ate and whether or not we liked it.

This will probably not be our best work. Here we go:

OK, these look like drinks.

Um, pot stickers? There was something about this sauce that we maybe liked or didn't like... Maybe it was too sweet? I dunno, they look pretty good.

Corn cakes! Yum!

This was some kind of chicken thing? I think we thought it was pretty OK. (how helpful is this review, right?)

Yikes, um, well OK that's definitely asparagus, and uh maybe like bell peppers. I think I see some bamboo shoots in there. I guess we'd have to describe this dish as "unmemorable"?

OK, this one we remember. Dessert was fried bananas and ice cream. They were out of coconut ice cream so they used vanilla instead. It was good, but would have been better with coconut ice cream.

Who could forget our waiter, uh... this guy!

Soi Four 5421 College Avenue, Oakland, CA

Over all, the restaurant was fine, but a little overpriced. We give Soi Four 2.5 Sabuys:

Next stop Pizza Rustica!

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  1. Hahaa.. welcome back. Love it. You remembered the corn cakes correctly; they are delish! My favorite thing at Soi 4. That drink looks pretty tasty as well.