Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hudson Bay Cafe

We were expecting bagels and coffee, and we weren't even sure there would be enough "cooking" to count this as a "restaurant". But it turns out... Hudson Bay Cafe has sandwiches! And soup! And lots of baked goods.

We both got coffees. They tasted a little burnt, but not terrible. We might have just gotten there at the end of the pot.

Steve got a breakfast sandwich with "the works" (eggs, cheese, bacon, and ham). (Not vegan.) It wasn't amazing, but it got the job done.

Briana was so excited they had sandwiches available in the morning that she got a turkey club. The sandwich was fine. The potato salad had some herb or something in it that was delish. But all together it was just too much mayo for before 10am...

So, Briana fixed her mistake by getting breakfast #2: banana bread. Yum. (No mayonnaise.)

So the food at Hudson Bay Cafe is pretty average, but the staff are super friendly and fun, and the giant windows let in tons of nice light for photographs and for people watching. We give Hudson Bay 3 Sabuys.

Here are some more pictures:

This is one of the people we people-watched.


Don't bother this guy, he's busy.

This guy recognized us from our article in the East Bay Express.
Now we have to wear disguises.

Good to know.


  1. wht happened to the blog? I was excited to hear about it in the paper... but no new posts :(