Monday, July 6, 2009

A little background...

We are Steve and Briana. We live in Oakland, CA. We like to eat. A little over a year ago (Jan. 2008) we decided to try to eat at every restaurant on Piedmont Avenue. Tonight we completed our mission! Unfortunately, we didn't document our Piedmont Avenue trek very well. This time we're going to eat at every restaurant on College Avenue, and this time we're taking photos documenting our adventures on this blog.

Our last restaurant on Piedmont was Adesso, which opened recently, and it's a good thing because otherwise we would have been toasting our victory at the Honeybaked Ham Company. Adesso is a place where you could go for tapas or for drinks, or, oddly enough, Foosball. The interior is classy and stylish. Also, it reminded us of the inside of the hatch from Lost. Here are some pictures:

This drink was called "the billionaire", it was like a hot-toddy but cold.

This salad was amazing, but we can't remember what it was called. Something-franco, or something. It started with a "c".

Frittata (frittawesome), Salumi (solid), and Piadina (pretty good).


All done!

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